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Watercolor with summer - Tropical Fruit

Watercolor with summer - Tropical Fruit

Watercolor with summer - Tropical Fruit

Watercolor with summer - Tropical Fruit
JPG, PNG, 4000(w) x 4000(h) px, 13.3" x 13.3" @ 300 DPI, 2.09GB

Tropical fruit watercolor maybe sounds strange to somebody. But, its really a hot trend all
over the world in this summer time. Lets check it out what it is and why its a wonderful
choice? Paint the world with watercolor
Watercolor is a very common word to everyone who loves painting. In addition, with its
smooth and elegant brushwork, it is seen as a perfect choice for many kinds of artistic
work. Its very easy to use, simple to make the impressive tone values.
Moreover, the watercolor can rush you to the creativity. Its just like when you have a
blank paper, with watercolor, you can open another world for yourself, indulge yourself in
this fantasy place. " Watercolor with summer - tropical fruit is the smart idea"
However, if the watercolor is only the color with some basic tone, it will be boring as much
as the situation we live in the narrow world. Therefore, we can add on the features day by
day to pull you out of the tiredness.
Because its summer, we have to make an important choice.
At first, let me ask you one question. " What do you think about when it comes to
summer?". Maybe it is the beach or hot weather. Somebody says that they come up with
the holiday. But everyone said that the most favorite thing make them fascinated about
summer is tropical fruit.
Tropical fruit gives people the mouthwatering feeling and the fresh energy. For these
reasons, we choose to take the tropical fruit to become the main features for this awesome
summers watercolor. With the bright tone of color plus with the tropical fruit pattern, this
style of color will be the best for you.
Bringing the breezing wind of summer, tropical fruit watercolor will be popular and
appears in every place in a sooner day.
Set includes:

417 Watercolor tropical fruits and leaves
50 Watercolor tropical fruit arrangements
50 Watercolor tropical fruit wreath images
20 Watercolor tropical fruit seamless pattern
20 extra bonus decoration-leaf type


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